Vertex Dry Cell Racing Battery - 440CCA

by Vertex
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Lighten up your race car, street car or hot rod! Remove the heavy 20Kg battery and replace it with the BatteryDirect 5.8Kg Vertex DryCell

The Vertex Dry-Cell more power per Kilogram than any battery on the market and are individually tested at over 400CCA! (test paperwork included with each battery)

Battery Specifications:

  • 12V
  • 20AH @ C20
  • CA 400 @ 20C
  • Float 13.6-13.8
  • Cycle 14.5-14.9
  • Initial Charging Less than 8A


  • It has the cranking power of wet cell batteries three times its size! This is due to the extremely low internal resistance which allows faster, more consistent starting.
  • The Vertex DryCell has been tested to crank engines with compression ratios as high as 13:1.
  • The capacity of the Vertex DryCell is individually and electronically tested using "Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy" method before dispatch.
  • The Vertex DryCell is a completely sealed New Technology High Discharge AGM battery and can withstand the rigors of high-performance street and racing environments.
  • The Vertex DryCell can be mounted in any orientation.
  • It is built with corrosion-resistant terminals and is truly maintenance-free.
  • The Vertex DryCell has an excellent storage life and recharges very quickly.

Any 12-volt charger can be used to recharge the Vertex DryCell but a low amperage charger/maintainer as listed below is recommended.

The Vertex dry cell is being used successfully in circuit cars, Rally and speedway cars. Aircraft, Jetsprint boats, and hotrods throughout New Zealand

NOTE: We strongly recommend using the vertex trickle charger if your car sits for any prolonged period of time.
NOTE: Batteries now come with 2 threaded m6 threaded holes (hardware included)