About Us

The story of Speed Science

Speed Science lives and breathes the performance car industry, and they are here to help when you need performance parts – FAST. They are about fair and affordable pricing, as well as being committed to keeping local stock levels as high as possible. This translates into less chance you will have to wait for that all important performance enhancement part to come from overseas.

When Speed Science says: “we will never lie or give overly optimistic shipping times frames just to get a sale” – they mean it! They are always upfront about what they stock. If they do not have the part locally or cannot get it within your required time frame, they promise to let you know and tell you honestly when it will get here.

Whether you have a question, would just like a quote, know what you want to buy already – or even if you simply need some after-sales service – Speed Science is here to make your experience with them as smooth, pleasant and helpful as possible.

So if you need some help, Speed Science is all ears. They are even happy to get their hands dirty to help you get up and running FASTER.

A bit about Adam

Hi there, my name is Adam Plews, the innovator behind Speed Science. I started drag racing back in 2001, and by 2003 I was the president of a well respected innovative local car club called AllMotor Group. This quickly led to a relationship with FBI Auto Accessories when it was involved with, and started sponsoring, the Honda Drag Nationals here in New Zealand. In 2004, I started working with FBI Auto Accessories and quickly moved into management before taking over ownership of the Auckland branch in 2008. It was about this time my passion for importing performance parts really began.

Shortly after the success of FBI Auto Accessories I started a new company called AAP Imports ltd. In just 18 months AAP Imports Ltd grew exponentially and secured distribution rights for brands from across the globe. The desire to travel the world and start my family however took me away from my business and it was sold to a new owner in 2010.

When I returned to New Zealand, my passion for performance parts importing was reignited and I spotted a gap in the market – an online store that kept items in stock and was dedicated to providing great parts at a fair price, with awesome service. Those were the foundations my previous success was built on and I now wish to continue this. Once again I want to bring quality, fair prices and awesome service to this industry.

I am passionate about the performance industry. That is why I am committed to fronting a company that is honest with customers, dedicated to providing you with what you need FAST and making sure you get awesome service, every time.

– Adam