Our Promise

Our Promise - Banner

What We WILL Do

  • Price all of our products in a fair, reasonable and affordable way.
  • Keep our stock levels as high as possible, reducing the need for special orders.
  • Be honest and transparent with all communication, including special order time frames and progress.
  • Gladly offer free advice and technical support when and where possible.
  • Actively expand our brands and products, resulting in fewer special orders and cheaper prices.
  • Make your experience with us (question, quote, sale or after-service) as smooth, pleasant and helpful as possible.
  • Make ourselves as available as possible to give you the fastest response (including Live Chat).
  • Offer preferential pricing to loyal customers.
  • Support local car clubs and organisations by sponsoring events and offering member specials.

What We WON’T Do

  • Give overly optimistic shipping time frames just to get a sale.
  • Charge for, and promise, special air freight delivery but wait until we have enough orders so we can collate them and make more money.
  • Fill our website with products we don’t stock or can’t get locally, just to look bigger and more important than we are.
  • Sell cheap junk just because the profit margins are better.
  • Get into a price war with other local retailers. Our service sets us apart.
  • Lie. About anything.

Our vision

To source the best quality parts from around the globe, stock them locally, share the best possible deals – and to provide world class service while we’re doing it.