Top 1 Motors

TOP1 MOTORS is an American company formed in 2008 by J.Co. Building upon the momentum following his feature in Honda Tuning magazine; J.Co. introduced TOP1 Motors with his primary goal to market quality and affordable aero products. TOP1 Motors is a parts manufacturer specializing in cars made by Honda Motor Company.

In 2010, J.Co. teamed up with K.C., an old friend and fellow Honda/Racing enthusiast. With Krishs’ background in business management, together, they made a decision to revamp the company and take it to a higher level. Today TOP1 Motors has grown drastically from a small business to a major distributor of products to customers worldwide with many thanks to Mike, our Wholesale Sales/Marketing Manager. Mike has been with TOP1 Motors from its beginning and has always believed in our products and philosophies.

What makes TOP1 Motors unique is the company’s handcrafted products made in the USA, custom designs, and track tested parts. The company races Honda vehicles in numerous endurance races, and additionally sells parts to automotive enthusiasts. TOP1 Motors offers various products such as winglets, diffusers, splitters, tow hooks and canards; just to name a few.

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