Simota was established in 1991 as a manufacturer, in the beginning they specialized in producing air filter in Taiwan. Recognizing that it is not enough only by producing air filters to build brand awareness, Simota actively built a R&D department in order to strengthen the advantages of their products. By means of that Simota are able to fully control and contribute the know-how to the air filter industry; furthermore by taking advantage of that, they have developed outstanding intake system series and replacement air filters sale to all over the world, earning excellent reputation. In order to offer strict quality control Simota has been certified and was also issued an ISO9001 certificate by TUV in 2005; moreover, they equipped the highest standard of dynamometer—the MAHA LPS3000, to guarantee all of their products before launching have been tested to provide the best performance. A comprehensive range of Simota’s products such as urethane air filters, replacement air filters, carbon fiber air filters, outstanding performance air intake systems, and other accessories, there is a simple mission they have to follow and reach, not only to produce high quality products but also to satisfy every customer who is interested in racing sports.

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