CoolKiwi Rubberised Spray Paint - Camo Green

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Rubber Paint is synthetic rubber spray paint that is applied by spraying on – afterward you can just peel the rubber paint right off!

Don’t be fooled by low-quality versions of Rubber Paint. We have worked hard to perfect Coolkiwi Rubber paint so that it sprays evenly and as it starts to dry, it will pull together to create a really smooth matte look and a nice finish. No more orange peel like other brands

We are proud to be able to say our loyal customers have told us that it is “the best on the market”. It is also said to be the MOST flexible and durable Rubber Paint available – as a kiwi company we want to provide the best quality products available!

It's great for applying onto parts of your car such as the wheels, emblems or you can paint your entire car, which not only gives you a change of colour but also actually protects your cars paint underneath!

Rubber Paint can be used on almost ANY surface!!

CoolKiwi products are developed and manufactured in New Zealand.