CoolKiwi Air Con R134A Recharge Kit

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It is proven that all cars over time lose the charge in their automotive air conditioning. It is suggested that every car over 5 years old should have an a/c recharge! This is not only for the luxury of having cold air conditioning but also for safety when it comes to de-misting your windows etc. If your AC system is still working properly but just not blowing icy cold air or blowing out very hard anymore it probably just needs a recharge. Simple and easy to DIY, you don’t need to pay a fortune to get it done – you just need this one simple recharge kit.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Recharge Can 600g
  • 1x Hose/Gauge
  • 1x Safety Glasses
  • 1x Safety Gloves

*Please note – it is vital that you are sure your AC system does NOT have any leaks in it before you recharge. We would highly recommend using our “Leak Sealer” product before recharging, to not only lubricate the system to stop it from drying out but also to seal any potential cracks that may be there. It is also a good idea to use our “UV Dye Leak Detector” so that if in the future you find your AC is not working as well you can actually look into the system and see where the leak/leaks are.


We all need to play our part in preventing Global Warming: Under the Climate Change Response Act 2002 it is an offence to knowingly release R134a into the atmosphere in New Zealand.